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We (the Orange County Veterans Memorial Committee) are pressing forward with our efforts to erect a memorial to honor the sacrifices of the sons and daughters of Orange who lost their lives defending our freedoms and liberties. Some of us on the Committee are not originally from here, so we did not know the idea for the Memorial goes all the way back to 1945.  During that period of time, people must have had ideas of what they thought this memorial should look like.   We hope you share those with us now. We are asking if you have any ideas for the Orange County Veterans Memorial.  They do not need to be detailed.  We are looking for a rough concept drawing at the moment.  It does need to be clear enough to get the concept across. However, if your concept/design is selected, you will have to be agreeable to work with a designer/artist so more detailed pictures can be made.  Plan on having a space 100ft X 100ft to be able to put the memorial/monument in.  We have a post office box at the main Orange Post Office.  Our mailing address is Orange Veterans Memorial, P.O. Box 188, Orange, VA 22960.  You can drop off pictures at the Orange County Review office in Orange, VA, as well.  Or you can send them to as an attachment with an e-mail to  Thank you.
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Orange County Veterans Memorial Committee

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