Preliminary Concept Drawing Approved

We (the Orange Virginia Veterans Memorial committee) have a preliminary concept drawing which was approved by the Orange County Board of Supervisors. New potential location will be in Booster Park at the corner of Bloomsbury Road and Booster Park Road (I think those are the names of both avenues). There is an approximately 100 ft by 100 ft area which got cut off by the parking lot and there isn't much else that could be done with it--two sides are made up of the roads, the third the parking lot and the fourth has a drainage ditch. Based on the final approval of the Memorial design by the Orange County Board of Supervisors (which is dependent on how the Memorial is placed on the lot), we'll finally have a plan!

Paul Carter (VFW Post 2217 Quartermaster) spoke with Lee Baines, who is affiliated with a construction company (it has Baines in the title) in Culpeper. Familiar with Booster Park, they (that construction company) are handling the final design location on the piece of property based on the terrain. The Orange County Board of Supervisors wished to see the final location and drawings before final approval.

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